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 Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps

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The injection pump is the heart of the diesel engine. It is responsible for delivering the fuel to the engine and for controlling the speed of the engine (governing).
There are many different features on an injection pump that provide certain characteristics on the engine some of which are;
bulletThe aneroid which limits black smoke at low engine speeds on turbocharged engines
bulletThe governor which controls engine speed
bulletThe torque control which accurately matches fuel output with engine requirements

These features that help to keep your engine running efficiently, in time wear out or 
go out of adjustment. On occasion they stop functioning altogether.

Unlike some rebuild shops that only partially dismantle pumps, we at FDI completely 
dismantle every injection pump and only after thorough ultrasonic cleaning and 
checking of all component parts, the pump is then rebuilt by a factory trained 
technician using only genuine replacement parts and installed on a state of the 
art test bench where every feature is adjusted (calibrated) to manufacturers specifications.

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